How do You Romanticize Your Life?

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For the past years, many ‘new terms’ have been going around on the internet. These ‘new terms’ heavily rely on the current trends in society and they vary from new terms in sports, food, or even lifestyle. For example, ‘romanticizing life.’ But truly, what does it mean? How do you romanticize your life? Buckle up, we are going to discuss it together.

Romanticizing Your Life

The term becomes more and more popular in recent years. It is meant to make you feel special any day, celebrate an ordinary day, and appreciate simple aspects of life. Romanticizing your life is to cherish what you have at the moment, even though it is just like any other day.

Ways to Romanticize Your Life

  1. Dress Up

Are you worried that you might over-dressed? That what you are wearing is too much? For a day, try to let your worries go. Nobody is laughing at you, no one thinks you are too much. Turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary one. Wear that dress. Or those trousers. Try those heels. Or perhaps your boots. Dress up with the outfit you are longing to wear and be confident in it. Your confidence will make a huge difference and we are all here for it!

  1. Take Yourself on A Date

Sometimes we are caught up in a hectic day, prioritizing other people before ourselves, and ended up forgetting our own needs. Take some time off to breathe. Take yourself on a date, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, go to the library and read, eat your favorite desserts, walk in a park, or do something you have been wanting to do. Enjoy your alone time and relax your body and mind.

  1. Make Memories Alive


A picture is a piece of memory. By taking a picture or video, you will keep your journeys and memories alive. In the future, you can throwback to the moments you take those photos and videos. The memories will linger as the pictures remind you. It does not have to be perfect or specific, you can take random pictures or videos. Your shoes, the street you are walking on, the sky, the cute store around the corner, anything.

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